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Recently, I’ve been working through the final proofs of my travel memoir, Stealing With the Eyes: Imaginings and Incantations in Indonesia, and the book is coming out from Haus Publishing in a couple of months’ time. But I’ve also been taking time out from proof-reading to re-build from scratch my website about the Tanimbar islands, Tanimbar.org.uk.

I set up the website long before I planned to write the memoir, as a way of sharing the research report that I wrote in Tanimbar back in 1995. There’s not much information out there on Tanimbar, so it seemed a shame to let the work go to waste and leave it mouldering in a drawer. Occasionally, thanks to the site, I’ve received messages from people who I knew in Tanimbar in the 90s, or who are Tanimbarese, or who have other connections with the islands. And it has been very good to maintain this connection. But I think I first built the website some time in 2006; so twelve years on, it was in bad need of a facelift. The old site was cramped, hard to update, and the design a bit murky.

The original site was built using Textpattern (a fine piece of software, although I rarely use it these days). As a part of the refresh, I’ve migrated the whole thing to WordPress, updated the images, and given it a bit of a smarter look. Now that it is easier to edit and update, I’ll continue to add to it from time to time.

The link to the website is HERE.

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