Lucy and the Rocket Dog

Lucy loves space. She loves to gaze up at the stars and bask in space’s bigness and its here, there, and everywhereness. She loves it so much that she built a rocket ship in her backyard, hoping that one day she can use it to explore space herself. The ship is just Prototype I, though, so it’s not ready to carry anyone into orbit yet. Or so she thinks.

Laika doesn’t give much thought to space—she is a dog, after all. The thing that Laika loves the most is Lucy. She loves Lucy so much that, one evening, she wanders into Prototype I looking for her—and is promptly launched into space.

While Laika takes off on an intergalactic adventure, Lucy begins a lifelong scientific quest to bring her dog home. Told from the two friends’ alternating perspectives and, in turns, heartbreaking and hilarious, this tale will win over anyone who has ever loved a pet, or who has looked at the stars and wondered just what might be going on in the here, there, and everywhereness.

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My first middle-grade novel. A book about relativity, time dilation, dogs and space-rabbits.

I wish I had this book when I was a kid! It brings you on a fun adventure through the universe and sneaks in some fascinating science along the way.” — Emily Calandrelli, Correspondent on Bill Nye Saves the World

“Readers who have ever loved a dog and tinkerers who dream of leaving the prototype stage of design will enjoy this tale of friendship and improbable interstellar canine time-bending.” – SLJ

“Oh, wow. I absolutely love this book!” — Nicole Abi-Najem on MabelsFablesRaves

“This is a freaking adorable book” — Generation G Books

“A fun, cute book about adventure in space!” — Granite Media.

“For girls, especially, Lucy is a role model with her love of science and dedication to her passion. This book is also for those who love a good dog story and one with a happy ending” — Literacy on the Mind

“Wonderfully empowering for young readers” — Youth Services Book Review

“This space related book is a nice addition to an elementary school library, public library or individual library. Children will enjoy the adventure and wonder if Laika and Lucy will reunite.” — Oregon Coast Youth Book Preview Center

“This book about friendship, space science and relativity theory has a touchingly unique philosophical mood that works in a way I do not know how to describe…” —  Review of Turkish edition on Hint Cevizi.

“It is kind of sad but readers will be happy by what eventually happens, and future scientists will relish the explanation of relativity.” — Mesa County Libraries.


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