Painting Her to My Own Mind

A year or so back, I was invited by the Laurence Sterne Trust to contribute to their exhibition Paint Her to Your Own Mind, an exhibition with 147 artists and writers all contributing their visions of the ravishing Widow Wadman to fill the blank page left by Laurence Sterne in Tristram Shandy. As an ex art student in long-term recovery, it was something of a challenge. But I was pretty pleased with the result.

So here, just for the record, is my collage of the lovely Widow Wadman. The references to ballistics should be obvious for anybody who has read the book. The eye is borrowed from a Scottish widow. And I’ve gratuitously snuck in the 54th hexagram of the Yijing (歸妹 or ‘marrying maiden’) as well.

Painter Her to Your Own Mind

A Decade of Books in Emojis

This year marks a decade since the publication of my first book, Cargo Fever. As it is a Sunday morning, and I have nothing else to do, I thought I would mark the occasion by translating the titles of all my books into emoji. I’ve included my forthcoming books (😱🏦🔫) ➕👀 and Elee Kirk’s 📸🏛💭 on the list as well, for the sake of completeness.

I’m working on translating the content in the same way, but this will take a while. But in the mean time, here are the titles.

(🚢📦) 🤒 (2007) Cargo Fever
🕵🏼‍♀️🌊👯‍♀️ (2009) Finding Our Sea-Legs: Ethics, Experience and the Ocean of Stories

(👃🏼😠🛁)➕(🐰⚓) (2012) The Snorgh and the Sailor

(🇧🇬👼🏼➕🎸) → 🇫🇷 (2012) The Descent of the Lyre

(🛠🗺😀):(🤔🌊)➕🌱 (2012) A Practical Guide to Happiness: Think Deeply and Flourish

(🇱🇹🤔),(📖🔈)➕(📖🔇) (2013) Levinas, Storytelling and Anti-Storytelling

(👩🏽‍🎓🔄): 🌎✒📔 (2014) Teach Yourself: Complete Write a Novel

🐐🎼 (2015) Goat Music

64🎲🍕:📕🔄 (2015) Sixty-Four Chance Pieces: A Book of Changes

👧🏽➕(🚀🐶 ) (2017) Lucy and the Rocket Dog


(😱🏦🔫) ➕👀 (2018) Stealing With the Eyes

📸🏛💭 (with Elee Kirk, 2018) Snapshots of Museum Experience

Snapshots of Museum Experience: Due out in July

I’m very pleased to say that Elee Kirk‘s monograph, Snapshots of Museum Experience: Understanding Child Visitors Through Photography will be published by Routledge in July this year. The book is drawn from Elee’s PhD thesis, and from the book outline that she and I agreed upon before her death in 2016.

Over the last year, I have been wrangling it into book shape, and it has been a strange, fascinating and sometimes painful, collaboration, but I’m pleased with the final result, and I think that Elee would be too (even if this is not quite the same book that she would have written alone).

The book is coming out first in hardback, but there will be a paperback edition to follow which should be more affordable. I hope that the final book does her work justice. Here’s a bit of the blurb:

Children are one of the major audiences for museums, but their visits are often seen solely from the point of view of museum learning. In Snapshots of Museum Experience, Will Buckingham draws upon Elee Kirk’s research amongst child visitors to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, to take a different approach. Using a method of photo-elicitation with four- and five-year-old child visitors to the museum, the book investigates children’s experience of the museum, and in the process undermines many of our assumptions about the interests, needs and demands of child museum visitors.


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