Complete Write a Novel Course: Out Next Week

I’m very pleased to say that my Teach Yourself: Complete Write a Novel Course is due out next week, and so is the ideal Christmas present for any aspiring novelists in your life. It’s designed to be a sort of travel-guide to the whole territory of novel-writing, exploring not only how to craft and ultimately publish your novel, but also how to keep sane and keep food on the table whilst doing so. Of course, if you do have any aspiring novelists in your life, they are likely to be sensitive souls, so it is in your interests too that they keep sane.

If you want to get a copy and you are in the UK, then it’s best to order the book from using the link here, as this helps support your local bookstore. If you are further afield then you can try [amazon asin=1473600480&text=Amazon].

On Failing to Understand the Yijing

How do you culturally translate a text when one of the most striking things about the text is that it is either misunderstood, or simply not understood, in its original language? This is a question I’ve been thinking about for a long time with respect to the Yijing (I Ching 易經) or Book of Changes. The question is particularly pressing as I have been attempting to carry out just such a cultural translation for my forthcoming book, Sixty-Four Chance Pieces: A Book of Changes. And so I’m very pleased to have just published a paper on this topic in JOMEC journal’s special issue on Cultural Translation and East Asia.

Alongside questions of cultural translation, this paper also discusses fish, fish-traps, Zhuangzi, understanding Derrida, not understanding Derrida, the terror of the English when faced with that strangest of French contraptions, the bidet (“what is it for?”), tango dancing in Hong Kong and three-legged birds made of bronze that turn into fish. In other words, it covers most of the things that are of pressing contemporary concern.

You can get hold of it as a PDF (nicely open access) by clicking this link.


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