Welcome to Will Buckingham.com. I write creative non-fiction, fiction, philosophy and for children. When not elsewhere in the world, I am based in Leicester, UK.

I have previously been Reader in Writing and Creativity in the school of humanities at De Montfort University. In 2016, I was a visiting scholar in the College of Literature and Journalism Sichuan University. The year after that, I was visiting professor in humanities and global cultures at the Parami Institute in Yangon, Myanmar. I’m currently working freelance.

My most recently published book is a children’s novel about relativity, space dogs, time dilation and friendship, called Lucy and the Rocket Dog, published by Knopf in the summer of 2017. Next up is an anthropological memoir of Indonesia called Stealing With the Eyes (Haus Publications, 2018), based on fieldwork I did in Indonesia in the mid-1990s. I write quite a range of books – from fiction to memoir, and from popular philosophy to academic writing. You can find a complete list of my book-length publications on my writing page.

For more academic things like research papers and conferences, go to my research page. I have a strong interest in comparative and cross-cultural approaches to philosophy, with a focus on Chinese traditions of thought and writing.

I also have a blog here on this site, where I tend to post updates about my writing. For longer, more considered blog posts, I can occasionally be found on my WaywardPhilosophy.com blog. Currently, this is updated about every two or three months, but this may change.

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